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What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a standard security technology used for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

What is SSL Certificate ?

An SSL certificate is a specific digital certificate that enables the use of SSL/TLS protocols. It includes information about the certificate holder (e.g., domain owner), the public key associated with the certificate, the digital signature, and other relevant data. SSL certificates are used to secure the connection between a user’s web browser and a web server, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data.

In practical terms, when people talk about getting an “SSL certificate” for a website, they are typically referring to obtaining a digital certificate that allows for the secure transmission of data using SSL/TLS protocols. transmission.

What is Palgrow.com's

Managed SSL service?

Palgrow.com’s Managed SSL service is a comprehensive solution for securing your website. It includes personalized care, automatic SSL installation, meticulous configuration, and continuous management to ensure optimal security for your online presence.

Why is Palgrow.com

your optimal choice?

Verification and setup of your domain.

we prioritize the authentication and configuration of your domain. Ensuring the security of your website begins with our meticulous validation process. Our commitment is to validate your domain thoroughly and provide a Managed SSL certificate, guaranteeing that your site exclusively maintains secure connections.

Eliminating Mixed-Content Risks.

We address mixed-content errors proactively to enhance your security. Our focus is on ensuring seamless compatibility, deploying SSL certificates that function flawlessly across all your webpages. This commitment eliminates errors and warnings, providing a consistently secure browsing experience.

Automated SSL Installation.

We handle the installation of your SSL with precision. Our automated process guarantees a flawless and seamless setup, eliminating the need for you to delve into code or worry about correct installation procedures.

Reliable SSL Monitoring.

We oversee the status of your SSL continually. Following the initial installation, our dedicated team takes charge of updates and renewals for your Managed SSL Certificate, guaranteeing uninterrupted protection for your website.

Optimize Security.

We ensure your website is armed with the world's strongest encryption. When your customers witness your site validated with an SSL certificate, it reflects your dedication to securing data exchanges through that extra layer of protection.

Long-Term Security.

We offer you extended protection. Our commitment involves the continuous renewal and updates of your SSL certificate, allowing you to concentrate on crucial tasks like managing your business without ever concerning yourself with potential gaps in encryption.

Avoid These Common Errors

with Our Managed SSL Service:

No SSL certificate found.

An incorrectly installed SSL may trigger a 'certificate not found' error for your visitors. Our automated installation guarantees this will never occur.

HTTPS Reliability.

When a site isn't properly configured for SSL, visitors may encounter confusing error messages while trying to access your website. Rest assured, our automated process guarantees to prevent such issues.

A Mismatch-Free Guarantee.

Worried about SSL certificate mismatches? At Palgrow.com , we've got you covered. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your site undergoes rigorous validation before the completion of your Managed SSL certificate installation, eliminating the risk of errors.

Eternal Security.

In the digital realm, security is paramount. A misconfigured SSL certificate can cast a shadow over your website, with browsers and search engines labeling it as "Not Secure." This ominous warning is more than just a red flag; it's an invitation for visitors to leave, or, simply put, a scare tactic. Fortunately, our Managed SSL Service is the solution that ensures your site is set up properly, warding off potential security concerns.

All-In SSL Features.

Impenetrable SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption.

FREE SSL Checker, Malware Checker.

Universal Browser and Mobile Compatibility.

Optimize for Search Engines.

Managed SSL Certificates Plans & Pricing.

From Setup to Checkup.

Rest assured with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Managed DV SSL Service

Save big with Multi-Year term

$ 149.99 199.99 /yr
Includes one managed Standard DV SSL certificate.
Secure one website
Automated installation and ongoing maintenance
Supports only WordPress and Web Hosting on Palgrow hosting platforms. (Excludes self-managed servers and sites hosted elsewhere).

Managed SAN SSL Service

Save big with Multi-Year term

$ 244.99 299.99 /yr
Includes one managed UCC/SAN DV SSL certificate.
Secure five websites*
*One primary domain plus four additional websites.
Automated installation and ongoing maintenance.
Supports only WordPress and Web Hosting on Palgrow hosting platforms. (Excludes self-managed servers and sites hosted elsewhere).

Tech Enthusiast?

For those who love diving into the technical details, our self-setup SSL option is tailor-made for you.

"Need Help? 24/7 Expert Support or Explore Rich Resources!"

Managed SSL Certificate Common Questions

Our Managed SSL Service provides Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates.

You can select a certificate for a single site, choose a multiple-domains certificate (SAN SSL) for securing one primary domain plus four additional domains, or opt for a Wildcard certificate that covers up to 10 subdomains under a single website.

Once we’ve successfully configured the SSL certificate on your website and confirmed its seamless functionality, an email notification will be sent to you. Rest assured, there’s no action required on your part – we’ve taken care of everything to ensure your SSL is up and running smoothly.

There are several types of SSL certificates to choose from:

  1. Domain Validated (DV) Certificates: These certificates verify ownership of the domain.

  2. Organization Validated (OV) Certificates: In addition to domain ownership, these certificates validate certain business information.

  3. Extended Validation (EV) Certificates: Offering the highest level of trust, EV certificates mandate extensive validation of the organization’s identity.

Our team processes the majority of requests within 48 hours or less. It’s important to note that if your request involves multiple domains or subdomains, the setup duration may extend beyond this timeframe. Rest assured, we work diligently to ensure a swift and secure setup process for your Managed SSL certificate.

Absolutely! You have two options for securing multiple subdomains with a single certificate:

  1. Wildcard SSL Certificate: This type of certificate covers all subdomains under a specific domain.

  2. Multi-Domain SSL Certificate: Alternatively, you can opt for a certificate that allows you to secure multiple, distinct domains and subdomains.

Both options provide flexibility and efficiency in managing security for your various subdomains.

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