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Why Palgrow.com for your WooCommerce Hosting?

99.9% Uptime

WordPress Uninterrupted: Ensuring a Seamless Experience for Your Website.


Velocity Unleashed: Elevate Performance for Your WordPress WooCommerce Site.

24/7 Support

Exceptional Care: Enhance Your Experience with Our Premium Support.

Malware Scan

Security Sweep: Routine Scans, Rapid Malware Removal for Peace of Mind.


Daily Backups for Your Website. Effortless File Restoration with Just One Click.


Smooth Start: Free Your Website from Headaches for an Effortless Transition.

Automated Management

Seamless Admin: the Ease of Streamlined, Automated Tasks for Utmost Convenience.

SEO Optimization

Search Spotlight: Elevate Your Visibility and Get Found on Major Browsers such as Google, Microsoft Edge, and more.

Clone & Staging Site

Refine & Validate: Harness cloning and staging for seamless testing before pushing changes live.

Just like Woo stated themselves

The ecommerce platform that grows with you!

At Palgrow We're Happy to back it up with our hosting package.

WooCommerce features with your hosting plan.

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Get 26% off with our Multi-Year term

$ 19.99 34.99 /mo
Add online marketing with more sites, storage and security.
1 website
30 GB NVMe storage

Our servers utilize high-performance NVMe Solid State Drives (SSD) to store files and databases, ensuring lightning-fast website loading speeds. Storage allocations are plan-based, meaning that if you host multiple sites, the storage is shared among them.

Unmetered bandwidth
Free SSL Certificate *


*An SSL certificate is included with every site and free for the life of the hosting plan. Our hassle-free certificates are automatically installed, validated and renewed. The strong 2048-bit encryption will ensure all transactions are secure. Annual plan purchase required.

WordPress pre-installed

Get started instantly with our pre-configured WordPress installation, saving you time and effort. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, our platform provides everything you need to create a stunning website

Daily + on-demand backups
Web Application Firewall

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) serves as a cloud-based shield for your website, providing robust protection against a variety of potential threats, including SQL injection attacks and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Daily malware scans
Unlimited malware removal
Up to 2x faster performance with global Cloudflare CDN **

Our Global Cloudflare CDN stands out with its exceptional performance optimization features. Here's how it revolutionizes website performance:

Enhanced security with DDoS protection
Staging site

A staging site serves as a private and secure environment where website owners and developers can test changes and updates before deploying them to the live site.

WordPress code optimizer

Your solution for quicker page loading times and enhanced efficiency. With just one click, this powerful tool thoroughly analyzes your website's underlying code, identifying and streamlining unnecessary or redundant elements to optimize the overall code structure.

Smart WordPress plugin manager

This capability guarantees that plugin updates operate seamlessly, without introducing any visual discrepancies to your site. In the rare event of an issue caused by a plugin update, our system promptly reverts the changes and restores your website to its prior state, ensuring uninterrupted operation and a seamless user experience.

Sell online with WooCommerce

Upon your onboarding, we've ensured that the WooCommerce extension is pre-installed, empowering you with the flexibility to sell an extensive array of products online. Whether you're offering physical goods, digital downloads, or even services.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Benefits of Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Experience growth our Ecommerce Hosting solution is designed to empower you to sell a wide range of Unlimited products , from physical goods to digital downloads, services, and subscriptions.

 WooCommerce Integration:

Throughout your entire hosting experience with Palgrow, we seamlessly integrate WooCommerce into our Managed WordPress platform.

Dedicated Support:

Our Managed WooCommerce hosting includes robust support from a team of experts who specialize in WooCommerce and WordPress. This ensures that you have access to knowledgeable assistance whenever you need help with your store.

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Start Today: Our Expertise , Elevate, Enrich, Excel

Your Complete Online Solution in One Place.

Payment Solutions

Facilitate payments with Authorize.Net-accept credit cards, eChecks, and various methods seamlessly.

Pick your Storefront

Elevate Your Online Store with Comprehensive Merchandising Capabilities and Powerful Add-Ons.

Shipping Rates

Experience the convenience of obtaining precise shipping costs, contributing to a transparent and well-informed shopping


Expand Sales Horizons with WooCommerce Subscriptions: Offer More Choices for Products and Services.

Maximize Sales

Elevate your strategy with gift wrapping, personalized messaging, vendor management, and more.

Smart Store

Utilize WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro for Customer Data, Cost Analysis, and Advanced E-commerce Tracking.

Product Management

Simplify with Software Add-ons: Unlock a Feature-Rich Store with Quick Setup and Advanced Capabilities.

Checkout Choices

Diverse checkout options, including WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons, empower your customers and enhance revenue during the point of sale.

"Need Help? 24/7 Expert Support or Explore Rich Resources!"

WooCommerce Common Questions

WooCommerce is a powerful and widely-used e-commerce plugin for WordPress, the popular content management system. Developed by WooThemes and later acquired by Automattic (the company behind WordPress.com), WooCommerce empowers website owners to transform their WordPress sites into fully functional online stores.

Absolutely! WooCommerce caters to a wide range of businesses, including those selling digital products, subscriptions, services, and even affiliate products. Its flexibility allows you to tailor your online store to match your business model. Whether you’re offering software downloads, online courses, memberships, or any other non-physical goods, WooCommerce provides the necessary tools to effectively showcase, sell, and manage a diverse array of products and services.

WooCommerce is a global e-commerce solution, supporting businesses worldwide. It provides flexibility in configuring currencies, tax settings, and shipping options to accommodate the specific needs of businesses operating in diverse regions. Whether you’re based in the United States or any other country, WooCommerce enables you to create an online store that caters to your international audience.

Palgrow’s WooCommerce hosting supports a variety of payment methods through WooCommerce extensions. Authorize.net, Chase Paymentech, Global Payments, and several other providers are included in your Palgrow.com subscription.

Yes. Utilizing the WooCommerce payment extension, our plan aligns with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Explore our blog post to learn how to ensure PCI compliance for your website and understand its importance.

WooCommerce itself is a free and open-source plugin. However, while the core software is free, there may be associated costs for additional features or extensions that you choose to integrate into your online store. The overall expenses can vary based on your specific requirements, such as premium themes, extensions, and third-party services. It’s worth noting that WooCommerce provides a cost-effective solution compared to many other e-commerce platforms, and businesses have the flexibility to control their spending based on their needs and budget.

WooCommerce stands out for its rich feature set, making it a preferred choice for online businesses. Key features include a customizable and user-friendly interface, support for various product types, secure payment gateways, inventory management, and seamless integration with WordPress. Additionally, WooCommerce offers extensive extensions for added functionalities, robust reporting tools, and a global community for support and collaboration.

Yes, WooCommerce prioritizes security for online transactions. The platform incorporates robust security measures to safeguard customer data, including secure payment gateways and SSL encryption. Additionally, regular updates and a vigilant development community ensure that WooCommerce stays aligned with the latest security standards, providing a secure environment for both merchants and customers engaging in online transactions.

Opting for Palgrow’s WooCommerce hosting over manual installations offers several compelling advantages that streamline your online store management and enhance your overall experience. Here are some reasons why Palgrow’s WooCommerce hosting stands out:

  1. Ease of Setup: With Palgrow’s WooCommerce hosting, you can skip the complexities of manual installations. The WooCommerce platform comes pre-installed, saving you time and effort in setting up your online store.

  2. Optimized Performance: Palgrow’s WooCommerce hosting is specifically optimized for WooCommerce, ensuring fast loading times, smooth checkout experiences, and overall improved performance for your online store. Our infrastructure is tailored to meet the unique requirements of e-commerce websites, resulting in better performance compared to generic hosting solutions.

  3. Automatic Updates: Palgrow takes care of WooCommerce and WordPress updates automatically, ensuring that your online store remains secure and up-to-date without you having to manually perform updates. This helps protect your store from security vulnerabilities and ensures compatibility with the latest features and improvements.

  4. Enhanced Security: Palgrow’s WooCommerce hosting includes advanced security features such as malware scanning, DDoS protection, and Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) to protect your store from security threats and vulnerabilities. Our proactive security measures help safeguard your store and customer data, giving you peace of mind.

  5. Dedicated Support: Palgrow provides dedicated support from experts who specialize in WooCommerce and WordPress. Our support team is available to assist you with any technical issues or questions you may have, ensuring that you receive prompt and knowledgeable assistance whenever you need it.

  6. Scalability: As your business grows, Palgrow’s WooCommerce hosting can easily scale to accommodate increased traffic and demand. Our infrastructure is designed to handle high volumes of traffic and transactions, ensuring that your store remains responsive and available to customers at all times.

  7. Integrated Tools and Features: Palgrow’s WooCommerce hosting includes integrated tools and features designed specifically for online stores, such as inventory management, product analytics, and marketing tools. These features help you manage and grow your store more effectively

Yes, you can absolutely reach out to Palgrow for assistance with your WooCommerce Hosting. Our dedicated support team is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to Contact us here at our Global Numbers

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