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What is Self-Managed VPS?

A Self-Managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) refers to a hosting environment where the user is responsible for the majority of the server’s management tasks. In contrast to Fully managed VPS options, where the hosting provider takes care of server administration, security, and maintenance, a self-managed VPS gives users more control and responsibility.

Are you a developer, designer, or system administrator?

Look no further than our Self-Managed VPS Hosting, meticulously crafted to meet your specific requirements. Harness the power of SSH keys for comprehensive control and leverage the command line for unparalleled flexibility and capability. Explore a wide range of scalable performance options and customizable server configurations to enhance your hosting experience.

If you’re in search of credibility and stability in your VPS hosting provider, consider the advantages offered by our services. As a trusted hosting provider, we provide high-performance KVM VPS hosting with flexible configurations to suit various budgets. Our features encompass automated daily backups with scheduling, on-demand monitoring, alert tools, and professional support.

Choose between optional control panels (cPanel/WHM or Plesk Obsidian Webhost Edition). Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or need assistance, we offer both Self-Managed VPS hosting and one-time paid task-based services to address your specific needs at Palgrow.com. 

All-in-one with your Self-Managed VPS Hosting.

Pro features, designed to give you ultimate control over your hosting environment. From advanced customization options to enhanced performance tools.

High-performance Windows Hosting.

If you thrive on ASP or ASP.NET, our plans are meticulously crafted to meet your needs. Elevate your online presence and navigate the digital landscape seamlessly with our specialized hosting options, designed to fuel success in the ever-evolving online world.

Power beyond limits.

A new level of server performance with our cutting-edge technological powerhouses. Turbocharged and equipped with the latest processors, they're geared up for peak performance like never before, seamlessly combining speed and efficiency.

Control with administrative access.

Find your roots. Seize control with exclusive root (administrative) access, granting you the authority to effortlessly install PHP, modules, server-level proxies, and a wealth of additional features. Your server, your rules -the power is in your hands.

cPanel at your fingertips.

Guided by the industry-standard control panel that you are already familiar with . cPanel® provides not only a powerful set of tools but a user-friendly interface, allowing you to navigate and manage your hosting environment with ease.

Control with Parallels Plesk.

If you thrive on ASP or ASP.NET, our plans are meticulously crafted to meet your needs. Elevate your online presence and navigate the digital landscape seamlessly with our specialized hosting options, designed to fuel success in the ever-evolving online world.

Upgrades, On Your Terms.

The Power is in your hands, Upgrade anytime, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted journey. Say goodbye to delays and hello to the flexibility of upgrading on your terms, making your hosting experience not just efficient but tailored to your evolving needs. Your success, your pace - it's time to upgrade without limits.

Self-Managed VPS Plans & Pricing.

Select The Plan That Perfectly Suits Your Needs.

Enjoy 24/7 Award-Winning Support and Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for peace of mind.

1 vCPU

Get 28% off with our Multi-Year term

$ 04.99 11.99 /mo
1 CPU Core
20 GB SSD Storage
Linux only, no control panel*

2 vCPU

Get 24% off with our Multi-Year term

$ 27.99 44.99 /mo
2 CPU Cores
100 GB SSD Storage
Way To Go

4 vCPU

Get 23% off with our Multi-Year term

$ 55.99 89.99 /mo
4 CPU Cores
200 GB SSD Storage

8 vCPU

Get 23% off with our Multi-Year term

$ 95.99 169.99 /mo
8 CPU Cores
400 GB SSD Storage
$42.99 / per month

2 vCPU

Get 23% off with our Multi-Year term

$ 42.99 64.99 /mo
2 CPU Cores
100 GB SSD Storage

4 vCPU

Get 23% off with our Multi-Year term

$ 69.99 119.99 /mo
4 CPU Cores
200 GB SSD Storage

8 vCPU

Get 23% off with our Multi-Year term

$ 135.98 199.99 /mo
8 CPU Cores
400 GB SSD Storage

Time is money.

Save both by Letting us handle the heavy lifting while you focus on managing your business.

Benefits of VPS hosting

VPS hosting provides superior performance in an isolated setting where the CPU, RAM, and storage are exclusively dedicated, not shared with any other websites or applications. This results in heightened performance and security, coupled with increased flexibility and control over the server when compared to shared hosting.

VPS hosting delivers elevated resources and bandwidth/traffic, translating to quicker load times and unrestricted traffic compared to shared hosting. The administrative user gains greater control over security measures, reducing vulnerability to hackers in contrast to shared hosting. Unlike shared hosting, where a security breach in one site may compromise others, VPS, with its virtual isolation, ensures that a hacked VPS on the same hardware doesn’t impact neighboring VPS environments.

Additionally, with root access, there are no limitations on the installation of applications; you have the freedom to access and modify system files, settings, and server logons.

VPS palgrow Benefits 2

Every Self-Managed VPS Hosting Plan Comes With:


Eliminate the need for intricate, manual migrations. VPS seamless upgrades empower you to effortlessly enhance RAM, CPU, and storage as your needs evolve.

Worldwide Data Centers

Opt for advanced data hubs in North America, EMEA, or Asia-Pacific to achieve quicker page loads and provide an improved visitor experience.

Enhanced Performance

Experience 3X speed and unlimited traffic on OpenStack, powered by high-performance SSDs. Benefit from KVM virtualization, providing full control over your hardware resources.

Monitoring and Alerts

Keep tabs on server uptime, resources (CPU, RAM, and Storage), and domains. Stay informed with timely alert notifications.

Full Control

Empower yourself with complete control over your server, allowing customization up to the operating system level.


Experience continuous network monitoring with state-of-the-art DDoS protection. Plus, receive a complimentary SSL certificate for the first year, all backed by a dedicated IP.

Data Protection and Restore Hub

Set up regular backups for a secure 7-day coverage, including weekly automated backups and on-demand snapshots. Troubleshoot effortlessly using the intuitive Restore Hub, designed to address issues swiftly, even without requiring SSH access.

Easy Management, Limitless Accounts.

Effortlessly create an unlimited number of hosting accounts with the choice of cPanel/WHM + Installatron or Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition (including WordPress toolkit)

"Need Help? 24/7 Expert Support or Explore Rich Resources!"

Self Managed VPS Hosting Common Questions

  1. Improved performance with dedicated resources.
  2. Complete control and customization with root access.
  3. Cost-effective features of a Dedicated Server.
  4. Easy scalability as your site grows.
  5. Hosting resource-intensive software seamlessly.

VPS Hosting is utilized for hosting websites (such as storefronts, e-commerce, content, and media) and software applications, predominantly those of a web nature, including portals, extranets, collaborative solutions, wikis, and CRMs.

Our servers officially support both Linux (CentOS or Ubuntu) and Windows Server.

VPS Hosting differs from Shared Hosting in that it provides dedicated resources, such as CPU, memory, and disk space, without sharing them with other users. While Shared Hosting is more affordable, it can be inflexible for advanced users. VPS Hosting offers more power, flexibility, and customization, making it suitable for those needing enhanced capabilities at an affordable cost. VPS allows users to run resource-intensive software and features full root access for deeper server customization.

Our Managed VPS Hosting solutions at palgrow.com are exceptionally easy to use! We’ve integrated the same user-friendly cPanel control panel, also featured in our Shared Hosting environment, into these VPS accounts. Effortlessly manage your software, websites, databases, files, email, and more through the intuitive cPanel graphic interface.

we provide Windows VPS hosting, offering resources ranging from 2 GB RAM to 32 GB RAM. You also have the option to enhance your hosting experience by adding Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition, ideal for WordPress and website administration, enabling seamless creation and management of your sites.

If you prefer handling server customization and support yourself, Self Managed is the ideal choice. Take charge of managing your server with full control.

For those lacking server management experience, Fully Managed is recommended. We handle the administrative side of the server for you, though it’s essential to note that we can’t modify your website content-that remains your or your developer’s responsibility.

Please be aware that as of now, Fully Managed services are only available with a new server purchase; there’s currently no upgrade path.

Yes, you can upgrade your VPS plan. Upgrading is a simple process and typically involves selecting a new plan that meets your increased resource needs. This can often be done with just a few clicks in your hosting provider’s control panel or by contacting their support. Before proceeding, it’s advisable to check with your hosting provider for specific instructions on how to upgrade your VPS plan.

Absolutely! VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is well-suited for hosting websites. It provides more control, resources, and flexibility compared to shared hosting, making it an excellent choice for individuals and businesses looking to host and manage their websites with greater autonomy.

Yes, VPS hosting is designed for individuals with technical expertise, such as web developers and system administrators. It provides more power and flexibility than standard shared hosting but comes with increased server management complexity.

The primary differences between VPS hosting and a dedicated server lie in resource allocation and user isolation. In VPS hosting, resources are shared among multiple users on the same physical server, offering a balance of performance and cost. On the other hand, a dedicated server provides exclusive access to all resources for a single user, offering maximum control and performance. The choice between them depends on your specific hosting requirements and preferences.

After your purchase, the provisioning of your server can take up to 24 hours to be ready for setup. If you choose to reprovision your server, this process usually takes about an hour, but it could extend to up to 24 hours to complete. Please keep this timeframe in mind as you plan your server setup and configuration.

Every VPS hosting package includes automated weekly snapshots, giving you the freedom to schedule backups or create them on demand. This feature guarantees regular data backups, adding an extra layer of security to your server.

palgrow.com VPS hosting offers a complimentary dedicated IP address. Unlike in the past, where multiple IP addresses were necessary for SSL and SEO, one dedicated IP now serves various purposes:

  1. Multiple SSL certificates: The server supports Server Name Indication (SNI), eliminating the need for a dedicated IP for each SSL certificate.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO): With each site having its own directory, a single IP address doesn’t adversely affect SEO for websites hosted on the server.
  3. Site previews: Customers can conveniently preview their websites using the same IP address, provided cPanel or Plesk is correctly configured.

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